Fusion/Hennig is Holding Angolan Goods Tender at Rough Diam Week


Fusion/Hennig is Holding Angolan Goods Tender at Rough Diam Week

Fusion/Hennig Tenders is holding an Angolan rough diamond tender during the Second International Rough Diamond Week, which takes place at the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) starting today.

The goods offered at the tender include a wide selection of Angolan goods ranging from -7 to +10.80 carats. The viewing of the rough diamonds will run throughout the week at the exchange.

Raphael Bitterman of Fusion Alternatives Tenders said: “As a leading specialist in operating international diamond tenders, we’re happy to participate once again in the International Rough Diamond Week. We view Ramat Gan as an important and ever-growing rough diamond trading center and will include Israel whenever we possibly can in our tenders. Working together with our partners I. Hennig & Co., we hold regular diamond tenders for outside rough, polished, melee closeouts, fancy color and special diamonds,” Bitterman stated.

Recalling Fusion Alternatives’ successful tender of KOA mine goods in 2013, IDE Deputy President Arnon Juwal, who heads the IRDW organizing committee, said the company is very much appreciated for breaking new ground in Israel. “We’re excited about the Angolan tenders and hope they will be followed many others, also from new sources,” Juwal stated.

In addition to the Fusion Alternatives tenders, the International Rough Diamond Week features a series of rough diamond tenders by Alrosa, De Beers Auction Sales, Rio Tinto Diamonds and Tzoffey’s 1818.

By courtesy of the Israel Diamond Exchange

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